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Bonjour, ce site ne vend plus en ligne, il est à l'arrêt. Toutefois si vous êtes intéressé par un pendule vous pouvez me contacter directement à cette adresse : .

Art and Magnetism

On the path that led me to discover the pleasure of sculpture, sharing this passion with my friends, an encounter changed my life and changed my approach to the relationship to the object that we produce by sculpting. This person, who introduced me to REIKI, seeing my qualities for bringing out a chosen shape from a raw block, suggested that I could explore this new conception of life by making clocks. Thus I saw there a way to combine the practice of hands to bring a better being for people, and the practice of hands that make objects emerge from the matter that could enlighten people, then giving an esoteric sense to my manual practice. Combining magnetism and art, I therefore turned to an expression that goes beyond aesthetics and emotion. The object produced then takes on a deeper meaning while becoming practical and usual.

This is how I have been working for several months now to give each unique piece the shape of an esoteric pendulum. These are from the boxwood that the forest of the south of Aveyron offers me during my walks. This noble material can have up to twenty-five years of drying, and some parts are produced in wood that is over a hundred years old and beyond. In practice I use a wood lathe and finish the object by hand, for the tips among others.

The appreciation that has been made of my creations as an object has esoteric feints, divinatories, going beyond its artistic framework, or rather illustrating itself in a total artistic dimension, combining beauty and usefulness, as esoteric pendulums, has confirmed their magnetic qualities. They respond with strength and power to those who know how to use them. Handling an esoteric pendulum requires a certain amount of experience that you acquire over time, as does the practice of REIKI, to which I also give my time and offer you the opportunity to test my qualities on this field.