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Pendulum Esotoricum artwork N°16

Pendule Esotoricum œuvre N°16
Pendulum Esotoricum artwork N°16
SKU: PENN16402019
Weight: 15 g
Dimensions: 4.5 cm × 3 cm × 3 cm
Price: 40,00 €

Each of my creations is a unique work and is made of boxwood from the forests of southern Aveyron, a region located in France. This wood can have up to twenty-five years of drying, and some parts are produced in wood that is over a hundred years old and beyond. Boxwood is a wood that responds easily to dowsing. For my part, it is above all a wood with which I have been working for years, so it is a material with which I have a certain manual, aesthetic and emotional intimacy.

Each pendulum has a chain with a length of between 10 and 25 centimetres. Of course you can replace it with another longer or shorter chain of your choice.